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Send us an email with an questions or comments (kelly.andersen.m at

Want to collaborate with AFEX?

We welcome all potential new collaborations with AFEX. Please send us a brief, 1-page description of your 1) interests and background, 2) methods and how the proposed project would impact AFEX, 3) hypotheses and what the proposed project would add to the scientific aims of AFEX. All proposed collaborations will be assessed by our internal steering committee to insure that new collaborations add new directions that fit with the overall goals of AFEX and do not interfere with the long-term monitoring or ongoing projects within AFEX.

Want to join the AFEX team?

We are not currently hiring research assistants or postdoctoral researchers. However, we always welcome new students and early career researchers interested in conducting independent research with us. Please send us a brief description of your research interests and background and a copy of your C.V.

All correspondence and materials can be sent to Kelly Andersen (kelly.andersen.m at

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Participants of the AFEX meeting field excursion 2016