Rafael Assis, PhD


I am a plant ecologist and along my career I have been working mostly with plant-soil interactions, aspects of tree diversity and species distribution, ecology of ecosystems (mainly Amazonian floodplains), tree growth and forest fragmentation. I obtained the bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Londrina State University (UEL – Brazil), where I developed research projects on the role of mycorrhizal fungi and fine roots along different stages of forest succession. In the masters degree (Botany, INPA – Brazil), I studied the composition of tree species from the understory across Amazonian forests subjected to long-term floods. In the PhD (Ecology), obtained at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU – Norway), I also worked in the flooded areas of the Amazon, but this time I investigated the patterns of specificity of tree species in relation to flood conditions and edaphic characteristics.


My main interest is understanding the impact human activities, including habitat fragmentation, forest disturbances and climate changes, on several aspects of the forest ecology. At AFEX, I am a post doctoral researcher responsible for preparing and planning the experiments, including field measurements, data organization and analysis, and paper writing.